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"First Interview with SchoolSpring and got a job offer!"
Mary Ellen D. in Cumberland, RI

"SchoolSpring allowed me to do a comprehensive search for an English teaching position. I was able to secure a position at my alma mater - 35 years after high school graduation!"
Veronica M. in Portsmouth, RI

"Thanks for providing a great service!! It made the job search so much easier!"
Julie B. in Barrington, RI

"Love your services! "
Robin C. in Bristol, RI

"Thank you, SchoolSpring, for making this process so simple!"
Jenifer S. in North Providence, RI

"SchoolSpring works! I really appreciated the updates via email. I did log on, regularly, but it was helpful to receive the updates, in case I missed one. This process was very user-friendly once the application was complete. I did not have to resubmit all of my work, other than checking my cover letter for the name of the school to which I was applying. I highly recommend SchoolSpring to all Educators! This is so much easier of a process than the old-school mail-in applications. I have used SchoolSpring as a future employee AND an employer! All districts should use SchoolSpring!"
Kerry K. in Tiverton, RI

"The school prinicipal actually contacted me for a long-term substitute position based on my SchoolSpring profile. This subbing job turned into my first full-time teaching position for the next school year!"
Abigail C. in Bristol, RI

"In searching for the dream job, SchoolSpring gave me endless opportunities to expand my resume. From maternity leaves to long-term subbing positions, I truly never felt "out of work." Thank you so much for this service. I have recommended it to any up and coming educators I've met and will return myself if ever needed (knocks on wood.) Thank you!"
Kevin K. in Woonsocket, RI

"SchoolSpring allowed to me keep all my applications in one place so I knew what jobs I had applied for."
Amie P. in West Warwick, RI

"The application process was easy and the school was happy to have me. =)"
Samantha G. in Foster, RI

"I could not be happier with my new job and love the ease of SchoolSpring!! "
Kimberly K. in North Kingstown, RI

"SchoolSpring afforded me the opportunity to be hired for the job I wanted. Thank you for providing an online format to house all of my documents, files, certifications, and job history. SchoolSpring also provides a snapshot of the current job market. Kudos to being so efficient!"
Diane S. in Newport, RI

"Thank you for assisting in my job search and interview organization. It is great to have a trustworthy website consisting of educational job listings. I absolutely love my [new] position. I enjoy working with young children and am grateful for this opportunity!"
Amanda S. in North Kingstown, RI

"SchoolSpring...thank you for making it so easy for me to find a job!!!"
Kathleen V. in North Providence, RI

"Thank you for the user-friendly system. After applying for a job on here, I was remembered by the employer from my previous interview and offered a related position that became available prior to the start of the school year!"
Lindsay P. in Wakefield, RI

"Thank you to SchoolSpring for always keeping me aware of employment opportunities! I am loving my fourth grade class and all of my colleagues."
Kristin M. in Riverside, RI

"Great long term sub position - wouldn't have found it without SchoolSpring."
William D. in Providence, RI

"I found my first teaching position through SchoolSpring, so I must extend a heartfelt 'thanks!' for offering such a user-friendly and comprehensive search and communication tool."
Lauren D. in Pawtucket, RI

"After seven interviews, I finally landed an Assistant Principal job! SchoolSpring made this process very simple. Thank you for your help."
Lisa F. in Warwick, RI

"SchoolSpring is great tool and it made it easy to find a job that is the right match for me."
Sarah Y. in Rumford, RI

"[My new employer] contacted me about my résumé and now I am working as a teaching partner at the school. Thank you SchoolSpring for giving me this opportunity! "
Hilda S. in Providence, RI

"SchoolSpring made it easy for me to search for and apply for jobs! It also helped me land the job of my dreams! Thanks!"
Erin P. in Foster, RI

"I knew about the jobs in my district before they were posted to us. Thank you SchoolSpring for getting me to where I needed to be!"
Andrew D. in Manville, RI

"SchoolSpring is a great help for teachers in finding jobs. I'm very glad for SchoolSpring."
Eugenio O. in Providence, RI

"I am happy to report that I got my dream job in a school that focuses on best practices and arts integration. I did a direct application to the school on this one...however, I was pleased with the response I got from my other applications submitted through SchoolSpring. Thank you."
Nanci D. in Providence , RI

"SchoolSpring has been AWESOME! I found the perfect job through this website."
Rebeca F. in Pawtucket, RI

"I heard about my job originally, applied, and interviewed all on SchoolSpring. It really does work! Fill out your profiles fully and write every cover letter specifically for each job you apply. It seems to make a difference."
Jessica D. in North Providence, RI

"I found a long term substitute position through SchoolSpring. It has been an excellent experience which has now turned into a permanent position."
Linda E. in Chepachet, RI

"I am beyond grateful. Thank you SO much!!"
Bridget M. in West Kingston, RI

"SchoolSpring is an efficient way to to match candidates with employers."
Louise K. in Hope Valley, RI

"I have a 3.5 paraprofessional job. I was initially hired to sub for the position I now have. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Ann R. in Wakefield, RI

"SchoolSpring.com is the BEST employment site for jobs in the school sector. I am so thrilled with my new position. Thank you SchoolSpring for your amazing site. Easy to get access and put your information on and SchoolSpring does the rest. Thank you again. "
Brenda C. in Cumberland, RI

"I applied for a job at a local school that I learned about through SchoolSpring. Even though I did not get that job, my interview went so well that the school department called me the same week and offered me a job in another school that is going to work great! Thanks for the tools to ace the interview."
Daniel L. in Rumford, RI

"Even though I didn't get my new job through SchoolSpring, it made looking for a job a lot easier! Thank you!"
Jo-Ann G. in West Warwick, RI

"Thank you SchoolSpring for the updates!! It helped me in applying for my new job and getting hired for the 2012-2013 school year!!!"
Despina D. in Warwick, RI

"I received a position that I found on SchoolSpring. Thank you very much."
Eva S. in East Greenwich, RI

"I could not have found my new job without SchoolSpring! It made looking and applying for jobs so easy and convenient. They had a comprehensive list of all jobs available in my area that no other website compared to. I can't wait to start my new job! I'm definitely recommending SchoolSpring to anyone looking for a job in a school system."
Emily G. in Providence, RI

"Thank you SchoolSpring you have been a wonderful source of information in regards to local teaching jobs available. Earlier this summer I saw two resource teacher postions advertised. I applied, had an interview and got a job! I am thrilled and appreciate this website! "
Gayle D. in Foster, RI

"SchoolSpring has been a very valuable tool in my search and I would highly recommend this website to anyone interested in a teaching position in any capacity. Thank you for this valuable service."
Judith K. in Narragansett, RI

"After just about 3 years of substitute teaching and job searching I am thrilled to begin the next chapter of my teaching career with third graders :) Thank you SchoolSpring for all your help!"
Melisa F. in Westerly, RI

"Excellent process. SchoolSpring was a huge help."
David L. in Barrington, RI

"After graduation I found a substitute teaching position through SchoolSpring. It was easy and straightforward! "
Amanda P. in Little Compton, RI

"I am so excited about my new position as Principal of an elementary school, the posting of which I found on SchoolSpring. The process was easy and organized, and I would highly recommend it!"
Kathryn T. in Smithfield, RI

"Your website has been such an asset during this process. I also used your webinars at the beginning of the process which I found very helpful in getting started. I am excited about my new position and will continue to recommend your site."
Coleen S. in Warwick, RI

"Thank you for having this web site. It made my life easier when applying to places. I didn't have to wonder if my application got to a place on time. Searching for jobs was easy. And once it caught on with school districts in Rhode Island, it made job searching a breeze."
Ashleigh M. in Pascoag, RI

"SchoolSpring made finding jobs I was certified for simple and stress free and applying was pleasantly quick and easy. "
Debra D. in Lincoln , RI

"I applied to a number of different jobs here on SchoolSpring and got a nibble. That nibble led to me being hired full time for the 2012-13 school year. Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Nicholas C. in Lincoln, RI

"SchoolSpring rocks! I just got a job teaching English and Theater outside of Boston, and I sing the praises of SchoolSpring all the time. It is GREAT to see how the company continues to grow."
Christopher G. in Newport, RI

"SchoolSpring enabled me to manage 38 applications, participate in 24 interviews, and become a finalist in 6 high school principal and superintendent positions in RI, MA and NH. The simplicity with which SchoolSpring enabled me to facilitate all these communications with various school and community leaders during this time frame made my personal and professional time much more effective and meaningful. Thanks!"
Christopher L. in Portsmouth, RI

"SchoolSpring has made it possible for me to easily view available jobs, and apply for them through a "click of a button." Having all of my information in one place for employers has made this experience the most positive job search experience I have ever had. I love SchoolSpring!"
Elizabeth O. in Warren, RI

"Found the exact job I've been looking for on SchoolSpring after being laid off for almost 5 months! Thank you!!!"
Colleen T. in Lincoln, RI

"When I decided to go back into teaching I scrambled to put my credentials on your website. I found it very time consuming. After I did complete my file I found it SO EASY to apply for positions! I really LOVE YOUR WEBSITE. When I was alerted by you that a Library Media position was available I immediately applied in less than 5 minutes. I wanted to thank you for the terrific website you offer us teachers. For without your help I would not have found the FULL-TIME POSITION OF MY DREAMS!"
Suzanne V. in North Smithfield, RI

"This one came up last minute on SchoolSpring. Thank God for email updates!"
Melissa R. in Cumberland, RI

"Thanks to SchoolSpring, I was able to find a job doing what I went to school for!"
Carolyn A. in Narragansett, RI

"Thank you so much for having such an amazing web site. My job search was much more effective because of SchoolSpring. It was very convenient to receive email updates, and it was great to know I was selected for an interview through email and online! Thanks again!"
Amanda H. in Pawtucket, RI

"I thank SchoolSpring for making applying for a job easy and for the opportunity to apply to many jobs in different states."
Missy P. in Rumford, RI

"Thank you for having a user-friendly, organized, and helpful site."
Sarah G. in Narragansett, RI

"I used SchoolSpring to upload all necessary documents which lead to a quick interview and quick job offer. Thank you so much!"
Marilyn R. in Cranston, RI

"SchoolSpring has been a great resource for my professional portfolio development as well as the job search process."
Molly S. in Cumberland, RI

"Thank you for your amazing website that is such a time saver for finding education jobs!!"
Elizabeth B. in Kingston, RI

"Schoolspring was a great website to have all my information in and to apply to jobs. Even though the job I received was not on SchoolSpring, it helped me get many interviews for jobs and helped me in my job search."
Meghan L. in Lincoln, RI

"Schoolspring was a great way to find an out-of-state job!"
Edie D. in North Kingstown, RI

"Thank you for helping me to find my dream school!"
Susan P. in North Kingstown, RI

"Thank you so much! Without SchoolSpring, I wouldn't be teaching in such a wonderful school!"
Donna B. in West Greenwich, RI

"This was such a great way to find a job!"
Susan B. in North Providence, RI

"Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Kathleen H. in Lincoln, RI

"Thank you, SchoolSpring, for helping me find a great position after an October move!"
Kayla T. in Albion, RI

"I check schoolspring.com every day for new postings. This is an amazing website and so helpful for those actively looking for employment. I will continue to use and recommend SchoolSpring.com."
Sara D. in Cranston, RI

"I applied to several jobs using SchoolSpring, other websites and the newspaper. The only place I consistently got interviews was from the jobs I applied to via SchoolSpring. I found my current job using SchoolSpring and I suggest it to everyone I meet. It's a great resource for someone looking for a job."
Edward S. in Pawtucket, RI

"Thank you for all of your help!!!!"
Ashley L. in East Greenwich, RI

"It took a long road to get here, but I did it! I found the job on SchoolSpring, thank you!!!"
Susan A. in North Kingstown, RI

"Thank you SchoolSpring for giving me the opportunity to send out fewer resumes and get my information and message out to many school districts. Your connected and comprehensive system helped me greatly and I can move forward in a new position thanks to your help."
Kevin P. in Westerly, RI

"I am thrilled! I accepted a new job just last week and everything is going well! Thank you SchoolSpring for making the application process so easy and smooth."
Sara K. in Bristol, RI

"Thanks for everything! I am so excited to start this new endeavor and your service made it soooo easy!!!"
Tonia H. in Kingston, RI

"I love working for the Worcester Public Schools system. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
E Melanie L. in Harrisville , RI

"I have just applied through SchoolSpring and was offered my dream job! Yay!!"
Carrie B. in Warwick, RI

"I first found out about and applied for this job through SchoolSpring. I found your service very useful and helpful. Thank you very much."
Thomas B. in Middletown, RI

"I loved the ease of using SchoolSpring, I have recommended it for others. I was great to have all of my information in one place and I could easily send it all out at once. It was a great help."
Mary S. in Wakefield, RI

"I am excited that I was able to find the perfect job. Thanks for making this process as painless as possible!"
Kristen D. in Coventry, RI

"I found a few offers from this site, and recently took one! Wonderful site, my only suggestion would be to get more states and all districts involved! :) Thanks so much!"
Lauren M. in Lincoln, RI

"My application was found on SchoolSpring and landed me my dream job!"
Jennifer C. in Harrisville , RI

"I found [my new] job through this website. SchoolSpring has definitely been my saving grace in finding a job. Throughout my job search I had only one wish: that every school would participate! Even when I had to send in applications to schools that don't participate, all of my information was right here, even a cover letter template. It made it so much easier to keep track of application materials I might need."
Samantha B. in Warwick, RI

"SchoolSpring made my job search and application process so easy! Once I created an account, I could apply for jobs all over the country with just a click of the mouse. Thank you SchoolSpring."
Kerry C. in Charlestown, RI

"SchoolSpring has been consistent in forwarding teacher assistant jobs to my email! I really appreciate this! Thank you SchoolSpring."
Eleanor I. in Rhode Island

"So thrilled to find, apply for and be hired for my first teaching job through SchoolSpring.com!"
Stephanie G. in Cranston, RI

"I accepted a great sixth grade position in Massachusetts and I am so excited to start teaching in September. SchoolSpring made the searching process simple and easy- Thank you"
Christi D. in Tiverton, RI

"Thanks SchoolSpring! This website made it very easy to go through the application/interview process. I'm very happy with my new job :)"
Cassandra C. in East Greenwich, RI

"We recently moved from California to Rhode Island. One of our new neighbors told me to look for school district work on SchoolSpring.com. I did not have any clue how to get started finding a school job in my new state. I found a library job at Portsmouth High School posted and I applied. The website is very user-friendly and very up to date. Thank you for your help finding a job. I am very happy at my new school."
Jacqueline K. in Bristol, RI

"I was very happy with the SchoolSpring postings. It helped me land a great Job. Thanks SchoolSpring!!!"
Ronald F. in Bristol, RI

"SchoolSpring has made finding a teaching job so much easier! You enter all your information in one place, which eliminates filling out dozens of applications and having to make multiple copies of everything. You are able to customize your cover letter for each job, and SchoolSpring even helps keep track of interviews! Searching for a new job can be very stressful, but SchoolSpring has definitely made things easier! Thank You!!!"
Lori F. in Wyoming, RI

"This site makes the process so much easier!!"
Tulani T. in Pawtucket, RI

"I wasn't sure about SchoolSpring when I first had to enter all my information in what seemed like an impersonal manner. Ultimately, though, SchoolSpring made it easier to locate positions, submit information, and schedule appointments. I found a great position and am very pleased with the results!"
Cheryl W. in Cumberland, RI

"I checked SchoolSpring everyday throughout the summer, I learned about so many different job opportunities and was able to get a job in the field I wanted! Thank You!"
Rebecca M. in Cranston, RI

"I finally got offered my first job as a professional educator teaching 6th grade math. I'm so excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I'm thankful this site was around and gave me the opportunity to not give up on my dream as a teacher. I recommend SchoolSpring to all of my peers trying to find a job in this tough economy."
Merredith R. in Johnston, RI

"Through SchoolSpring, I applied for, received notice of a desired interview, and scheduled my interview. I am pleased to say that I was appointed to the position last week and am eager to start! I found SchoolSpring to be effective and efficient. If I ever need to use it in the future, I certainly would."
Kimberly R. in Warwick, RI

"Interviewed with Oliver Ames in Easton and instantly knew that it was the perfect fit. They knew it too, and we signed a contract shortly after. Hooray!"
Casey B. in Providence, RI

"I got the perfect part-time job through SchoolSpring... I can work and also keep up with my family. Thanks, it has been a blessing."
Jennifer F. in Carolina, RI

"I applied for a middle school teaching job through SchoolSpring. I did not end up getting that job, but the elementary school in the same district had an opening soon after and I was the only one that they wanted for it!"
Katelyn G. in Clayville, RI

"I Was hired using SchoolSpring. Thank you! I am now teaching part-time 6th grade and part time special education."
Lindsay P. in Wakefield, RI

"Your site is most helpful - all you need now is to get more school systems on board. "
Michele L. in Hope, RI

"I would never have found this job if not for SchoolSpring.com! Thank you so much for making it easier to find a job in this tough economy. :-)"
Sabrina S. in Warwick, RI