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"Thank you to SchoolSpring for giving the opportunity to allow employers to look at my applications. I appreciate the job alerts, which helped me to apply for jobs. I received two interviews through SchoolSpring. Now I am teaching and loving my new position!"
Megan R. in Curwensville, PA

"SchoolSpring was the first step to my success for finding a job. The system is easy to use and with the help of the search agent I was able to narrow down the jobs that met my expectations. I was able to search easily for job that met my criteria. Thank you for all your help."
Patricia P. in Gilbertsville, PA

"I love this website, I found my dream job through here! Thank you. I know I will be very happy this year, and years to come. SchoolSpring made the job searching process far easier."
Ariel G. in Meadville, PA

"Found a art teaching position in Philadelphia. Looks like a great fit."
Bob L. in Scranton, PA

"I got hired as a Spanish Teacher through SchoolSpring. SchoolSpring definitely is responsible for putting me in contact with [my new employer]!"
Elizabeth H. in Greencastle, PA

"Great source to find possible job opportunities in other states! Great way to search."
Kenneth W. in Edinboro, PA

"I was recently hired as a Music Teacher by [my new employer]. If it weren't for SchoolSpring, I would not have known this wonderful school existed!"
Melissa K. in Emmaus, PA

"I found the position advertised on SchoolSpring and emailed my resume to the assistant principal. After a phone interview, I had a job!!! Thank you!"
James R. in Chambersburg, PA

"Although SchoolSpring was not ultimately how I landed this new position, it has been an invaluable resource when looking for openings. The search criteria and the customer service has been outstanding!! I encourage you to use SchoolSpring as your number one resource agent in your teaching job hunt."
Beth P. in Spring Grove, PA

"Through SchoolSpring, I was able to contact and apply for jobs at many excellent schools in Vermont. I ended up receiving a job offer from my first choice, and am about to move to Burlington. Thanks!"
Aran N. in Lancaster, PA

"This website was great!!! I found a job in Virginia."
Samantha S. in York, PA

"I accepted a teaching position in Hawaii. I will have my own classroom and a contract! I am so excited to start my professional career and I couldn't imagine doing it in a more beautiful place. Thank you for your services! You are helping many teachers start and continue their professional careers! "
Jenna M. in Chalfont, PA

"I was contacted by Palmetto Scholars Academy a few weeks after finding their vacancy on SchoolSpring. I've since gone through several rounds of interviews, and have been fortunate enough to get hired!"
Bradley M. in Royersford, PA

"I found a para educator position in VT, which enabled me to relocate from PA. A great outcome for my job search efforts through SchoolSpring and a major, very positive "game changer" for me. "
John J. in Pennsylvania

"It only took three years but I'm picky. Excellent service, hope I don't need your services soon. ;)"
Robert A. in West Grove, PA

"I did everything through SchoolSpring and it was remarkably easy to search for and apply to jobs, keep track of my applications and schedule interviews. I would definitely use it again."
Kristi A. in Boalsburg, PA

"I saw an ad for the Memphis City Schools on SchoolSpring that interested me, even though it was out of my search area. I am now gearing up for my move to Tennessee."
Lori P. in Lancaster, PA

"Your expansion into publishing jobs outside of your direct source connections was wonderful! Through that I found many more opportunities that would not have crossed my screen. I cannot praise or thank you enough for your efforts."
James R. in Melrose Park, PA

"I found [my new employer] on your site and it changed my life. I scheduled the interview Tuesday, interviewed Wednesday and had the job offer Thursday. It's amazing how your life can change in the blink of an eye. I am extremely anxious and excited and SchoolSpring made it happen. Thank you SchoolSpring!!!"
Brian B. in Port Matilda, PA

"I found Baltimore county on your website and they contracted me about their multiple positions. I loved all the options for schools around the country."
Christopher C. in Bartonsville, PA

"Although SchoolSpring did not lead me directly to the job I have been hired for, I went on numerous interviews and phone conferences through this site. I love the way you can see the status of your applications, and receive notifications daily."
Constance R. in Easton, PA

"Found this school in the links for schools that do not have a SchoolSpring application. Wasn't sure they would even look at it considering my lack of experience, but I was just offered the job! I couldn't be happier!"
Cailin F. in Bethlehem, PA

"Very accurate. Used daily! "
Christina P. in Pennsylvania

"SchoolSpring.com has been an invaluable tool throughout my search for a new position. I found this site easy to use yet thorough and have recommended it often to colleagues. I began to receive inquiries shortly after completing the online application and chose two districts for interviews. Within one week I was offered positions in both districts. Thank you SchoolSpring.com for offering this FREE, stress-free, and effective service."
Sharon M. in Sayre, PA

"Thank you so much, SchoolSpring.com! Your site was incredibly helpful in my job search. Thank you!"
Mallory G. in East Stroudsburg, PA

"I felt much more productive applying to specific jobs advertised on SchoolSpring than standing in lines all day at a job fair just to be provided with the school's web address (to apply online)."
Devon D. in Acme, PA

"SchoolSpring was easy and quick to use which was important to me in my job search. The efficiency helped me save time instead of spending hours updating information online. The site has connections with many reputable schools nationwide. This made me feel like I had a real "chance" of landing a job and I did!"
Claudia H. in Lancaster, PA

"I am delighted to have been offered a position with BCPS! My application was reviewed on SchoolSpring and I am very thankful for your service."
Telena H. in York, PA

"Through use of SchoolSpring, I found a job in West Virginia and am now teaching Pre-K. Thanks so much!!!!!"
Kristina D. in Pennsylvania

"Considering I began looking for a job while I was living in the Costa Rican rainforest as a volunteer, the job search was difficult. I had my resume and application on MANY other sites, but SchoolSpring was the only one able to get me a job. Most sites had old postings that the staff had filled by the time I contacted them. Many places just gave listings that I had to contact myself. SchoolSpring put me in contact with [my new employer] and I got a job. Thank you SchoolSpring. I couldn't have done it without you."
Ryan H. in Clarks Summit, PA

"Great aervice. I wish that there were not multiple services, yours is the best by far."
Steven T. in Danville, PA

"I recently was interviewed and offered a job for a job I found through SchoolSpring. This was the first time that an interview was offered to me through SchoolSpring.com. I had applied to dozens of positions but it only took one. So if you are applying through SchoolSpring.com and you are not having success, be patient. If you are a good candidate someone will find your application eventually but then its up to you when interview time comes around."
Andrew W. in Oreland, PA

"I recently was offered a job in Florida. I will be teaching third grade. SchoolSpring was so encouraging with all of their e-mails and updates. Thank you!"
Nicole T. in Lock Haven, PA

"Thanks for connecting me to my new job! Come the fall, I'll be teaching 4th grade in Burlington, Vermont!"
Katie Z. in Wynnewood, PA

"Using SchoolSpring made my job search much easier. I loved being able to change my cover letters to match each school, while the basics were already in the database. We were moving to another area of the country and SchoolSpring was a one stop place to organize my job search. Thank you!"
Linda D. in Lancaster, PA

"I am so happy with SchoolSpring. It helped to make finding a job easier especially because I was searching for a job in a different state. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Angela E. in New Providence, PA

"Great site! Thanks so much for the help!"
Montgomery H. in West Chester, PA

"I love your website. I was able to find so many job opportunities on it. Your site searched through other sites that I used to go to individually. You have saved me so much time and frustration. I found a job in California through your website."
Graham K. in Mansfield, PA

"Found my dream job in WV! After a long summer, I was able to get exactly what I was looking for in a school and district. It would have been next to impossible without this site. Thank you."
Dustin R. in Watsontown, PA

"Just finished my first full year! Thanks to SchoolSpring, I have found my dream job!"
Sarah W. in New Freedom, PA

"THE ONLY job search website from which I got ANY interviews (2). My second interview led to a job! Thank you SchoolSpring!"
R. Roth in Conneautville, PA

"Thank you for your service. The SchoolSpring PLUS+ service netted more calls from employers than any other method I've used."
Robert B. in Harrisburg, PA

"I just used the "View Applications Sent" feature of SchoolSpring Plus+ and must say it is the most impressive application packet I've seen. It far exceeds my own attempts at putting application packets together."
Robert B. in Harrisburg, PA