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"This site is amazing! I found my first teaching job using this site."
Jessica F. in Illinois

"It was nice not to have to log in unless I saw a job specific to my field and in my area... I may have missed out on some opportunities, but the right one did come along."
Elizabeth C. in Lombard, IL

"I submitted my application to Cristo Rey via SchoolSpring. They e-mailed me to schedule an initial phone interview and then I was invited to come in for an interview with other teachers and the principal. It was a wonderful experience and I'm very thankful for SchoolSpring."
Kristen T. in Urbana, IL

"Thanks to SchoolSpring, I was able to apply for an open position and successfully interview with a wonderful school. I really look forward to working with a district that supports their staff and pushes everyone to do their best! Thank you, SchoolSpring!"
Peggy B. in St. Francisville, IL

"I couldn't have asked for a BETTER place to work. Fabulous administration, great co-worker support. Awesome job!!"
Dolores M. in Peoria, IL

"SchoolSpring was extremely helpful in helping me find job postings that were targeted to my needs. I was able to find a position in the state of MA before I moved. Thank you!"
Carolina C. in Chicago, IL

"SchoolSpring is great for those willing to relocate. Lots of options. "
Lauren B. in Saint Charles, IL

"Very happy with the search agent service, it pointed me to the position I recently accepted!"
Beth T. in Illinois

"Thank you. It's taken a while, but I believe I'll be happy at my new position. I've told several people about this site."
Debora T. in Shiloh, IL

"Thanks to your website, I found my dream job!"
Julia L. in Chicago, IL

"I really appreciate this service and would probably use it in the future. Thank you for your service."
Coriean M. in McHenry, IL

"The site is great! Although I did not find a job through SchoolSpring.com, I did find many leads, so thank you!!"
Lisa R. in Naperville, IL

"I really do appreciate SchoolSpring.com. Through you I was able to apply to different jobs every day. If my new job does not become a long-term job for me your site will definitely be the first one I come back to to start the hunt again."
Jane M. in Charleston, IL

"Love the site! I have used this to find great job leads and I have passed this information on to friends in the market."
Jacqanai S. in Park Forest, IL

"SchoolSpring is the reason I found my position at Sierra Vista High School. Originally from Chicago, SchoolSpring made it easy to find a position anywhere in the country. I love my new position."
Kevin S. in Homewood, IL

"I had everything in order, references and job history, so the turn around was VERY FAST! I am excited and encourage others to use SchoolSpring to keep their materials in order for fast use!"
Jennifer S. in Bolingbrook, IL

"I received an email that Palos was hiring, filled out their application and was called for an interview! The rest is history!!"
Heather J. in Lemont, IL

"I appreciated the ease of applying for jobs once my profile was created on SchoolSpring. Though the job I accepted was not listed on SchoolSpring it was valuable for me to see what jobs were available and to give many the opportunity to offer me an interview."
Gretchen M. in Evanston, IL

"Found out about this job through SchoolSpring. The constant email updates about job openings were so helpful. Thanks for all the help!"
Aaron G. in Normal, IL