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"I am pleased to announce that my lifelong dream of being a reading specialist in a public school has materialized. To other teachers, I say be very specific and thorough in your application details, and never give up on your dream. Thank you, SchoolSpring, for spotlighting my experience and my many non-traditional credentials through your "additional info" feature. I could not have achieved this goal without your ingenious website."
Carrie A. in Danville, VT

"Thanks! I got an awesome job through this website."
Susannah C. in North Springfield, VT

"Great process. This service gave me the ability to put all my information in one place. SchoolSpring also showed me opportunities I might not have otherwise been aware of. Great service!"
Jon G. in Rutland, VT

"Thanks for all your help! "
Katherine B. in South Burlington, VT

"Thanks for all the good work you people do on this excellent site."
Jennifer B. in Pittsfield, VT

"I just signed my contract as a kindergarten teacher in a wonderful school! I wouldn't have known about the job without SchoolSpring. Thanks for making the process organized and efficient for applicants."
Cassandra D. in Burlington, VT

"This site helps make the difficult task of matching job seekers with employee seekers one step easier. Thank you!"
Sarah V. in S. Acworth, VT

"It was so helpful to get timely updates on job openings, and to have all of my information in one spot so I could easily send to prospective employers!"
Judith V. in Chester, VT

"Actually, I heard about the job through a friend before it appeared on SchoolSpring, but it was nice to have all my info on the website; it made applying a breeze."
Alicia J. in Milton, VT

"SchoolSpring makes job searching very easy. Much easier than trawling websites and newspapers. I signed up for the e-mail notifications of when job openings in my search criteria were listed so I didn't have to check daily. I think that landing the job I did, in a great district, would have not happened without SchoolSpring. Thanks, from a new science teacher!"
Sarah D. in White River Junction, VT

"After being granted an interview, then observed teaching a sample lesson, I was turned down for a classroom position. Obviously disappointed, I sent an email to the principal asking to keep me in mind if something should turn up. A couple weeks later the same school posted another job and I immediately contacted the principal, and short version is, due to my persistence I landed the job I wanted! Yea for me!"
Jon B. in Barnard, VT

"Yet again, SchoolSpring has proved its usefulness. I was able to apply and interview successfully which in turn led me to my first year as a classroom teacher! Thanks so much :) "
Brittany K. in Winooski, VT

"This has been the most rewarding job I have ever had. Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me find and land it. I am in the process of relocating and must now turn to SchoolSpring to find new employment. I hope I land another one as sweet as this one has been."
Charles A. in Castleton, VT

"Thanks to the ease of using SchoolSpring, I was able to keep on top of open positions and had my choice of 3 schools within a month of graduating from college."
Travis C. in Rutland, VT

"Thank you! I've used SchoolSpring for years to apply for teaching job; it was a long wait, but well worth it!"
Michelle E. in Middlebury, VT

"I was hired for a long-term sub position to finish this school year! I just finished my teaching program so it's very exciting to have a job right away. I'll still be looking for a position for next school year, so I'll still be perusing SchoolSpring."
Lisa F. in Montpelier, VT

"Thanks to SchoolSpring, I got an ideal position at this stage of my career. Unadvertised elsewhere, and mid-academic year, too... thank you!"
Daphne L. in Shrewsbury, VT

"Took me 10 tries, but I finally was hired to be the art teacher at my favorite school! Don't give up!"
Elizabeth M. in East Thetford, VT

"After 3 years of searching I was surprised when I went in for a long-term Kindergarten interview and ended up with a full-time math position! Very happy with this site. Will come back if or and when ready for a change! Won't be for a while though because this is my very first teaching job :)"
Patricia P. in Brownsville, VT

"SchoolSpring is amazing. It has been a breeze to search and apply for jobs. I am so excited to begin my long term sub position that I wouldn't have known about without SchoolSpring!"
Brittany K. in Winooski, VT

"Awesome! Totally easy to use this site, and I was kept informed about the whole process. Thanks!"
Mallory E. in Vermont

"I applied for three different positions I learned about from your site, had three interviews, and three job offers. This site has been very helpful in narrowing down my job options after moving across the country."
Suzanne K. in Fairfax, VT

"I am happy to say that I am now employed in the WSD as the Early Childhood Special Education Teacher! The ease and support of SchoolSpring was instrumental in this process. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Lois F. in Colchester, VT

"One application... One interview... One job... Nice. Thank you!"
Stephen J. in Bristol, VT

"Thank you for keeping my emails up to date."
Jeneane L. in Northfield, VT

"I put in my application through SchoolSpring and two weeks later I was in the interview that eventually landed me my job. For such a stressful situation [hunting for teaching jobs in teacher-rich VT] I was amazed at the smoothness of the process. SchoolSpring made it happen."
Brad M. in Burlington, VT

"SchoolSpring is an amazing source... If I ever want another job I will look here to start!"
Sarah H. in Westford, VT

"It took dozens of applications and rejections, but I finally found one. Now I'm moving 500 miles to start a new life."
Maureen M. in Saint Albans, VT

"It has taken some time, but my persistence and dedication finally paid off! Thank you SchoolSping for supplying an easily accessible and comprehensive site that saved me enormous amounts of time!"
Kimberly L. in Bristol, VT

"SchoolSpring was an integral part for gaining my first teaching job!"
Grant G. in Bolton Valley, VT

"SchoolSpring was a highly effective way of not only finding a good career, but also organizing and submitting my information in an easy-to-use format."
Clayton W. in Jericho, VT

"The wonderful thing about this site is that they have enough offerings that it is hard to get discouraged! I am very happy, I found exactly the type of job I was looking for!"
Sheryl C. in St.Johnsbury, VT

"I just signed a contract for a Kindergarten teaching position. I am so excited! Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Susan R. in Thetford Ctr., VT

"This was my first time applying to teaching jobs in 13 years. I found the online application process daunting at first as the internet was not commonly used last time I found a job! I came to appreciate how user-friendly SchoolSpring is set up and found a fantastic job very quickly. Much better than circling newspaper ads and licking envelopes! "
Ellen C. in Richmond, VT

"Invaluable resource!"
Jennifer S. in Craftsbury Common, VT

"Started out as a long term substitute position for the past few months and now offered full time next year! SchoolSpring = big help in getting connected. Thanks =) "
Kristen P. in Rutland, VT

"It is a very difficult task to find a teaching job in Vermont. I finally landed a teaching job at my hometown school! SchoolSpring definitely helped me stay organized and on top of my résumé and experience! Suggestions to all those out there still looking, stick with it, ask questions if you can and do whatever you have to! It pays off in the end!"
Emily M. in Georgia, VT

"I found SchoolSpring extremely easy to use. The information was complete and timely. I could not have gotten my new great job with SchoolSpring. Thanks."
Milt D. in Groton, VT

"SchoolSpring leads the way in Vermont!"
Patrick E. in Saint Johnsbury, VT

"After two plus years of searching, I finally found the job of my dreams. Thanks to SchoolSpring for making the process so simple!"
Seth W. in Pittsford, VT

"I was hired at the school that I am currently student teaching in for a third grade position and couldn't be happier! The staff and students are so wonderful and I am excited to fulfill my passion and future with what I was meant to do."
Anna C. in Richford, VT

"I recently moved across the country and was completely unfamiliar with SchoolSpring or a similar system. I have to say that I really enjoy being able to search for jobs and receive email notifications of potential jobs. I love being able to set the specific parameters for the jobs I'm seeking. A great resource that I will be utilizing as spring job openings come up. Many thanks!"
Melissa T. in Jericho, VT

"SchoolSpring was helpful and made it easy to apply for many jobs quickly. I found a full time job and LOVE it."
Kathryn L. in Stowe, VT

"Thank you! This is a terrific resource for those looking for jobs in an educational setting."
Alexis S. in Shelburne, VT

"Thank you so much for helping me find my dream job!"
Kelley G. in Burlington, VT

"Within days of updating my status to actively seeking a full time job, I received a job alert email about [my new employer]. I immediately updated my resume and references and sent them away. The next day I had an interview. Three days later I was hired! Thank you SchoolSpring for helping ease the process of finding a job!!! I couldn't be happier!!"
Ashley C. in Winooski, VT

"I applied to 30 school-based positions in just this last year. I was finally called for three interviews the week school started. I am so happy in my new position. My gratitude is endless for the people who make SchoolSpring what it is."
Holly L. in Colchester, VT

"Thanks for the help!"
Kristie S. in Jericho, VT

"SchoolSpring, even though it wasn't the place where I actually found my job, was incredibly helpful in getting me interviews. It was so easy to be able to apply for all my jobs in one place!"
Lindsey S. in Bellows Falls, VT

"I found a job! As a brand new teacher I have found an exciting opportunity in a community close to home. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Dawn F. in Randolph Center, VT

"Through SchoolSpring, I applied for and gained employment at an elementary school! It only took a total of 5 weeks to find this job which I really love. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Sandra B. in Barre, VT

"It was the best job searching experience I've had by using SchoolSpring! Everything was paperless and all communication about interviews was done online. I love SchoolSpring and recommend it to everyone!"
Bonnie G. in St Johnsbury, VT

"I love this site. I got a bunch of jobs through you guys over the years. This is by far the best job site out there, the only one i have actually found work through repeatedly even in this economy. It's also fast as employers have all my information ahead of time. I got this job offer less than week after it posted."
Sean N. in Rutland, VT

"Thanks for making my job search so easy!"
Elizabeth S. in Essex Jct., VT

"SchoolSpring offers one of the most efficient ways for prospective teachers and employers to connect here in Vermont. It eliminates so much of the search legwork involved in seeking jobs in education that is common in other states. I highly commend your process."
Ila L. in Charlotte, VT

"I have been using your site for about a year now trying to find a paraeducator job in my area. Thanks to SchoolSpring for getting these postings to me so quickly and allowing me to apply immediately!! I would recommend this site to anyone actively looking for a job in this field."
Zachary T. in Manchester Center, VT

"I was so happy to see a local elementary school was hiring and the day I applied, I was called to interview and hired the next day! SchoolSpring made that all possible! AWESOME!"
Andrea P. in South Duxbury, VT

"I was applying for jobs as a teacher and director of curriculum. I was surprised to see the school I was working for part-time was looking for a principal. So I applied through SchoolSpring and got the job!! I am very excited about my new position and will be using your site to hire my staff. Thanks for your help in moving my career forward."
Yvonne W. in Lyndonville, VT

"In a hard market, I was able to easily find openings and juggle many applications. Ultimately, I was able to chose the school that I felt best matched my goals! Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Brian H. in Burlington, VT

"Thank you for making the process so easy after the initial set up."
Christopher A. in Springfield, VT

"Thanks for your help. Your process made it easier to get work out and to apply for what interested me. Looking forward to starting work as a school nurse in the fall."
Elissa C. in Starksboro, VT

"SchoolSpring has streamlined the job-hunting process. Easy to apply and maintain an updated profile."
Adam R. in N. Clarendon, VT

"I loved using SchoolSpring.com. I found viable job offers and within 5 months of actively looking I found the perfect job for me."
Heather Z. in Northfield, VT

"This a great website and very comprehensive. The regular notifications and updates are such a valuable tool. I was able to do everything right here and recently got hired for my perfect job! Thanks SchoolSpring! "
Treg V. in Essex Junction, VT

"I'm very happy to be hired as a middle school French/Family & Consumer Sciences. SchoolSpring made the application process manageable and accessible. Thank you!"
Heather L. in Websterville, VT

"After what seemed like a very long time, which really wasn't, I got a job at a terrific school. Thank you SchoolSpring."
Bruce L. in St. Johnsbury, VT

"Being able to have all different types of jobs that were available was great."
Margaret F. in Sutton, VT

"Keeping in touch with potential employers, notification of status, etc. was very smooth with SchoolSpring. Thanks!"
Eric H. in Richmond, VT

"Received a job offer as a first-time BA in North Hero, VT. Thank you SchoolSpring for the initial connection."
Candy C. in Bellows Falla, VT

"SchoolSpring made it easy for me to apply for positions and helped me land my dream job."
Justin M. in West Rutland, VT

"Awesome. This is the only job site I found that actually works. This will be the 5th job i got thru y'all over the years and had many interviews/offers from your site as well. Thank you again. This site is very user friendly and effective, keep it up."
Sean N. in Proctor, VT

"SchoolSpring is great. It is inclusive and thorough. I had many applications sent out and was scheduled for a few interviews. I am glad to have found this resource and I gained employment in an educational facility that seems to fit me perfectly! Thank you very much!!"
Kymberleigh R. in Randolph, VT

"Thank you SchoolSpring! I was able to find work within 3 weeks of searching and start my new job this week!"
Kristin R. in Swanton, VT

"SchoolSpring has been very helpful in my job searches, both in finding openings and in some cases, applying directly to the district. Thank you."
Jesse Ann W. in North Thetford, VT

"It took a lot of searching ,but I found a GREAT match! Thank you."
Elizabeth C. in Ludlow, VT

"Thanks SchoolSpring! You made looking for jobs and applying to them a LOT easier. Any time I used another website or system, I would find ways that SchoolSpring was superior. It also helped keep ME organized."
Bela S. in Rutland, VT

"I am pleased to say that I have a full-time job as a Preschool Consulting Teacher. I found the job right here on SchoolSpring. Thank you so much for providing this valuable service."
Jennifer L. in Shelburne, VT

"I was offered a position as an interventionist, which I accepted. I love the school and the district, and it was great to be able to show the school my whole profile via SchoolSpring. Thanks!"
Tamara P. in South Burlington, VT

"I got a job alert email with new job lisitings. I contacted them about an open para position and they called me in for an interview. Later that same day I had a job. And a job that I LOVE!!!!!"
Deana C. in Putney, VT

"While I did not find a job through SchoolSpring.com, I found it extremely beneficial. Your site is easy to use, the application process was not complicated and I would recommend this site to anyone who may be searching for a job in the field of education."
Sandra B. in Williston, VT

"I found SchoolSpring to be an invaluable resource. While it took some time to get used to an entirely new manner of doing business, having been out of the teaching job application needs for some time, I was very pleased with the results and found the time to upload all documents into SchoolSpring to be satisfying in the end."
Lynne B. in Winooski, VT

"I checked SchoolSpring every day to see any new job listings, and it finally paid off. I definitely intend to continue using SchoolSpring in the future!"
Meaghan L. in Newport, VT

"Got a job, finally, thank you so much for being the vehicle that helped get me there!!"
Linda T. in White River Junction, VT

"Thank you for this service. Your online searches provided a convenient and thorough manner to apply for educational positions. I appreciated the ability to save vital information from previous applications, and at the same time being able to make necessary changes with new applications. I very much appreciated Schoolspring each Sunday when I wanted to apply for the newest openings in school administration."
Richard J. in Stowe, VT

"SchoolSpring has been very helpful in always being available and very clear on how to create and update your applications and accounts."
Sara D. in Florence, VT

"SchoolSpring was a great resource in my job search!"
Wendy M. in Jeffersonville, VT

"SchoolSpring is a great system. You kept me alerted to job openings. I appreciate what you do."
Warren U. in Waitsfield, VT

"Thanks SchoolSpring for helping me find my new job working with Autistic students. I couldn't be happier!"
Kimberly D. in Essex, VT

"I love working with SchoolSpring! It makes job hunting, organizing information, and keeping track of it all very simple. I also love the job alert emails. I wasn't really looking but up popped a job in my area, five minutes from home, and on a whim, I applied. Next fall I will be minutes from home! Thank you! "
Stephanie B. in Saint Albans, VT

"SchoolSpring works!!!!!"
Christopher H. in Enosburg Falls, VT

"I appreciate your service. This was the only job I applied for and I was able to land it. Thank you!"
Mark M. in East Calais, VT

"Was hired this fall as a special ed. kindergarten assistant. Love my new job!:)"
Kera H. in Vergennes, VT

"SchoolSpring took the legwork out of jobseeking and gave me time to present my best self with every application and interview."
Deborah P. in South Burlington, VT

"Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Erica B. in Ludlow, VT

"Yahoo! I found a great teaching position! The application process was super smooth through SchoolSpring! Thank you for providing this valuable service!!!"
Charles F. in Milton, VT

"This site worked for me."
Gretchen F. in Barre, VT

"I only wish that Ohio would simplify things and use SchoolSpring throughout the state!!"
Michele R. in Essex Junction, VT

"I did get a great position as administrative assistant using SchoolSpring.com. The best aspect of the system is that it easily allowed my references to write current letters of recommendations tailored to the specific job description. Thank you for providing that service."
Susan A. in Brattleboro, VT

"You all made the search for teaching positions easy and fun! Thank you for the ease of this site! Love my new job!"
Cynthia K. in Hardwick, VT

"I would like to thank SchoolSpring for making my dream job become reality!"
George C. in Sheldon, VT

"Thanks, SchoolSpring!"
Abigail A. in Burlington, VT

"SchoolSpring kept me up-to-date on job openings which I found very helpful. Thank you."
Edie C. in Chester, VT

"SchoolSpring is a fantastic site! I checked in every day, and applied for several jobs."
David R. in Essex Junction, VT

"After being on SchoolSpring for an entire year and applying to every offer that I was qualified for, I FINALLY found my dream job! Thank you!"
Gretchen M. in Burlington, VT

"Very easy to apply on SchoolSpring."
Amy H. in Weston, VT

"Thanks SchoolSpring, for being my agent! Wouldn't have found this opportunity without you!"
Tamara P. in South Burlington, VT

"Thanks for all the technical assistance... As a person who considers himself a technophobe, your site was easy to use."
Jesse S. in Plainfield, VT

"I got a job teaching Kindergarten this fall!!!! Thank you SchoolSpring, you stand head and shoulders above other online teaching job websites. SchoolSpring is a well organized and streamlined site, it made applying for jobs simple. It was invaluable to know that all the Vermont teaching jobs were listed on one site, there was no need to search any other resource. To all my colleagues searching for a job, keep your chin up, be persistent, and know the key to getting a job is experience, experience, experience."
Caroline B. in Burlington, VT

"SchoolSpring made the search for my first administrative post easy. Rather than spending my time putting together application packets, I was able to more thoroughly research potential school districts and find a spot that best fit my needs."
Zachary M. in E. Dummerston, VT

"I appreciate the ease of the process and the results of the job search process. Thank you for your assistance."
Nancy C. in Lyndon Center, VT

"The process went so smoothly and quickly! I applied for a position on SchoolSpring and was called the next week to set up an interview. After the interview, I was offered the job two days later! Praise to SchoolSpring for allowing all parts of my application to be submitted in one place."
Natashia J. in South Burlington, VT

"I applied through SchoolSpring and found a job in education. Without SchoolSpring I wouldn't have been able to find this job on my own!"
Annemarie M. in Winooski, VT

"Thanks so much for helping me find my new job. I start March 3!"
Kacie C. in Newport, VT

"SchoolSpring was very helpful to my job search. I have found that most school positions are advertised online at this point, rather than in the paper."
Jesse Ann W. in North Thetford, VT

"Thanks for all the updates on openings."
Helen W. in Newport, VT

"I love SchoolSpring!! I was on vacation in Utah when I applied for a job in Vermont. I am a first grade teacher in a super school thanks to your search engine! It is such a great way to know your options! Thanks. "
Lise B. in Pownal, VT

"SchoolSpring enabled me to be alerted to a variety of job opportunities and easily apply to them in a timely manner. I am grateful for the support of the site, the staff, and its creator. I would highly recommend this site to any one interested in working in education."
Karen T. in Hinesburg, VT

"I am very happy that I was able to get a position at such a great school and SchoolSpring enabled me to find it."
Bryan D. in Saint Albans, VT

"I applied, interviewed, and was offered a position as an Intensive Paraprofessional through the SchoolSpring website. I am very pleased with this site and am looking forward to beginning my new employment at the start of the 2009/2010 school year. Thank you!"
Kristin H. in Essex Junction, VT

"Thanks for your assistance"
Linda R. in North Hero, VT

"I was able to apply for a Kindergarten position while on vacation! The day we returned home I got the call for an interview. A week later, I have the job!"
Betsy S. in Vergennes, VT

"I was moving from Florida to Vermont and someone suggested using SchoolSpring.com. It was perfect for me as I was transitioning from one state to another and the Internet was by far the easiest method for job hunting. It seemed that appropriate matches were sent to me and I found the exact job I wanted!"
Shannon R. in Fairfax, VT

"Connected with a great school and principal. The team I am joining is excited to have me on board and had a great first meeting with them. Thanks to SchoolSpring for great communication between schools while I was looking for employment."
Susan M. in Essex Junction, VT

"Dream job!"
Jonni N. in Reading , VT

"Hired by local school for one year, still looking for 2010-2011, keep sending available jobs for now! Thanks"
Claudia W. in Enosburg Falls, VT

"SchoolSring was a superb source for information about openings - and exercise in gathering my application materials. In the end my success in finding a position was dependent on connections I had made, facilitated in part by SchoolSpring. Thank you!"
Emily H. in Brattleboro, VT

"I'm so happy with SchoolSpring! They really came through with daily email and helped me to narrow down my search. If I ever find myself in the position of job seeking again I would most certainly use SchoolSpring to find the perfect job for me."
Erica M. in Bellows Falls, VT

"SchoolSpring was my primary source for find available positions and submitting my applications. Thanks for creating this fantastic online resource."
Kristina S. in Norwich, VT

"SchoolSpring found me the perfect job... again!"
Jason B. in Burlington, VT

"Great site. Thanks so much, takes the guess work and leg work out of sending out resumes."
Kathryn H. in Springfield, VT

"Communication was fast and efficient. Very professional."
David C. in Lyndonville, VT

"I must thank you for the excellent job you have done for me in providing me countless opportunities to interview. You have made the task of seeking a job much much easier than it used to be. I have recommended you to three people so far. They tell me they have found opportunities as well. Your service is essential as teachers and schools can find good teachers easily that will give American education a head up. It needs help and your service is essential. Again, thank you very much."
John Z. in Milton, VT

"Excellent, helpful service. It's great to have everything in a "permanent" file which is easily accessible and can be used in the future. Thank you for helping me find my perfect job!!!"
Michele R. in Essex Junction, VT

"I prepared my information at the end of one week, set up an interview the beginning of the following week and was offered the position the following day. Holy Cow! "
Cheryl L. in Wheelock , VT

"SchoolSpring was so easy to set up and instrumental in me finding and securing my new job. THANKS!"
Kathleen T. in Johnson, VT

"SchoolSpring.com is the number 1 most helpful website for those people trying to find educational careers. Thanks!"
Jennifer M. in Rutland, VT

"Granville is a wonderful school and I'm so excited to start in the fall! Thanks to SchoolSpring, this website made it a thousand times easier and cheaper to find and apply for jobs."
Deborah G. in North Clarendon, VT

"I found the perfect job as an elementary school librarian. Thanks!"
Beth W. in Williston, VT

"Thank you for making the process of application so easy! "
Monica S. in Franklin, VT

"I felt that SchoolSpring was great at getting me job possibilities and exposure to many school in the region. I had several interviews and offers. Thank you for your service!"
Susan C. in New Haven, VT

"I think SchoolSpring is one of the best things to happen to education. The easy to use site and clarity of it all make it an incredible tool for the new or experienced educator."
Chris M. in Stowe, VT

"I accepted a paraeducator position at the school of my choice. I could not be happier. Thank you for making the process easier."
Mara H. in South Burlington, VT

"I have accepted a position as an acting assistant principal at the elementary level. Thank you, SchoolSpring, for helping me organize my resume electronically. It's been a pleasure and a privilege working with you! "
Cheryl H. in South Burlington, VT

"I submitted my application and followed up the next business day. Within an hour and a half I was interviewed and then hired 24-hours later. Always remember to follow up!"
Eric D. in Poultney, VT

"Schoolspring was very helpful, thanks!"
Anne C. in Burlington, VT

"Wonderful site!"
Nicole H. in Winooski, VT

"This site was very helpful in finding a new job!"
Nathan D. in East Hardwick, VT

"Thank you for your highly efficient program and positive responses. Made job searching fun!"
Elizabeth A. in Bristol, VT

"Great way for current and future educators to find positions to stay in the education system. Thank you for helping me find a position!!!"
Kimberly L. in Bristol, VT

"Found my job through SchoolSpring! Thanks!"
Brendan O. in Burlington, VT

"SchoolSpring was a great way to apply for jobs from out of state. I appreciate that you included a link to the school website as well as a map so that an applicant could find the school. "
Leslie B. in Northfield, VT

"SchoolSpring.com is the easiest way to find a job in education. I am very happy with the site and all it has to offer and it's all free!"
Joseph C. in Grand Isle, VT