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"This is a great site and I had two interviews because of you guys. Although I didn't get those jobs, I appreciate the free QUALITY service that you provide. I don't foresee wanting to leave where I am for a while, but when I am ready, I will be back here for sure!"
Marian R. in Spring Lake, NC

"SchoolSpring is a great way to have all of your application and résumé information all in one place. The daily digest of job postings made looking for the right position very easy."
Andrew S. in Leicester, NC

"Your site kept me informed and up to date of openings. Led to some contact and interviews, too. Thanks for being there and I would not hesitate to use it again."
Gordon L. in Jamestown, NC

"Excellent service!"
Todd F. in Rocky Mount, NC

"I was contacted by the employer, got interviewed and hired immediately when found qualified for the job. Thank you SchoolSpring! I told my friends to sign up on your website because it is very easy to send credentials to the employer through your website once they uploaded their documents."
Zilfa O. in Fayetteville, NC

"Great site to assist with locating jobs in Vermont!"
Trisha M. in Shelby, NC

"Found my job through SchoolSpring! Thanks for the updates!"
Gary K. in Asheville, NC

"Thanks, SchoolSpring, for helping me find my new job and allowing me to finally move to be with my fiance!!!"
Laura P. in Laurinburg, NC

"After many interviews and rejections I finally received this job offer. It is the best thing that ever happened to me."
Meta T. in Union Mills, NC

"Excited about my first day as a principal at Greene County Middle School. Thanks to SchoolSpring for sending me emails on principal vacancies."
Norman M. in Southport, NC

Grady B. in Farmville, NC

"Thank you so much for helping me find a job!"
Sandy B. in Rockingham, NC

"SO EXCITED!!! I got a call today. I am going back to work. Thanks!"
Tanya H. in Norwood, NC

"I got quite a few interviews and interests through SchoolSpring. After months of searching I am finally secured in my job status for the 2011-2012 school year."
Daniella N. in Chapel Hill, NC

"SchoolSpring was great in helping me with my search. They used other sites that the schools use to post their jobs and bring them all together here for you! It's a great resource to get ahead!"
Danielle B. in Raleigh, NC

"Applied through SchoolSpring, got a great offer that I could not refuse, thanks SchoolSpring!"
Matthew C. in Fayetteville, NC

"I found this listed on a job alert email from SchoolSpring. I'd already posted my résumé and information, so applying only required completing the application essays. The interview process was pretty tough, but at every step they had my information in front of them through SchoolSpring. I knew where I wanted to end up, and fortunately, they agreed. A huge thank you to SchoolSpring for your service. I am thankful I wasn't having to comb newspapers and pound pavement to find a great school job."
Austin F. in Fletcher, NC

"This website was very helpful. I was able to find work out of state while relocating. It was great to have so many options presented over time. Thank you for all of the help."
Sarah A. in Asheville, NC

"Great service. I had 7 job offers over the last 5 days. Thanks for all your help. "
Michael H. in Chapel Hill, NC

"I am grateful for this website. If it hadn't been for it I would never have known that there was an opening at Polk County High School. Thank you for making it available to me."
Rebekah A. in Roxboro, NC