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"SchoolSpring was valuable in finding my current job placement. I like staying active due to it having the most current opening. Thanks."
Signe S. in Austin, TX

"I received postings through my e-mail. I followed through with many. The one I wanted came through. I am very happy."
Carlene H. in Mesquite, TX

"I received an email with a job search match, and applied through SchoolSpring. I was called for an interview and a week later was signing a contract! I had applied to many positions, but this one met all my criteria. Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Alisha I. in Leakey, TX

"Thanks for making the job search a little easier. You were my main search engine."
Joel B. in Baytown, TX

"I would like to thank SchoolSpring for making it a lot easier to apply to different schools without the hassle of filling out numerous applications. It paid off! I'm looking forward to a great school year!"
Oscar S. in Angleton, TX

"SchoolSpring was very helpful. I highly recommend using it."
Frances S. in Ingleside, TX

"I was hesitant with the whole online application process, but it really got my name out there. I had 5 interviews and 2 job offers. Thank you!"
Fara B. in Temple, TX

"Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me find my first job in education!"
Amanda S. in Boerne, TX

"I received the job alert on Tuesday morning. I applied, interviewed, and got the job the same day!! Thanks SchoolSpring."
Pam D. in Waco, TX

"I would just like to say thank you for the interview opportunities and providing a place to keep all my professional paperwork together. Wonderful site!!"
Rebecca C. in Waco, TX

"I was able to find positions with ease that fit what I was seeking. Through SchoolSpring I was able to get several interviews and great contacts with several districts."
Travis W. in Moody, TX

"SchoolSpring made it easy to submit applications from out of state, the email communication was effective but not overwhelming, and the schools that I interviewed with felt they had all the materials necessary to get to know me as a teacher."
Gina L. in Arlington, TX

"This is a great service and helped me greatly to find what is out there."
Bradley J. in Valley Mills, TX

"I was so excited to start my Librarian job this school year! I have been looking for one for three years. This will be my first librarian job ever! Thanks for your help SchoolSpring!"
Linda W. in San Antonio, TX

"I got my job through SchoolSpring! I saw an opening for special education teacher and I had the job in one week!"
Elizabeth R. in Garland, TX

"I learned of them through your website and emails and registered with their district. I don't think I would of learned of them, if I did not register with you, first. Also, during my job search, I had more job interviews through your website than any other. Thank you for your prompt emails and connections."
Rhonda W. in Lavon, TX

"I was notified of the opening through your emails. So, I was able to apply quickly, I believe it was a big help. Thank you!"
Rhonda W. in Lavon, TX

"Less than 1 week after posting my application with SchoolSpring for the position, I received a call from the school. I interviewed, got the position. Now, I am happily teaching 6th grade social studies and I love it!"
Lanece C. in San Antonio, TX

"Thanks SchoolSpring.com!!!!"
Linda L. in Converse, TX

"I really liked the updates. I liked the user-friendly website. You guys and gals are doing a great job - keep it up."
Anita C. in Cedar Park, TX

"I applied for the job through SchoolSpring on a Monday. By that Friday I was offered the job. Thank you!"
Kenda W. in Marlin, TX

"This is great because it is a one stop shop for teaching job hunting!"
Tricia B. in San Antonio, TX

"I applied to a job posting via your website and i got a job. Thank very much for your help."
Allison O. in Italy, TX

"The interviewers were looking for a part time sped teacher, but when they saw my resume, they saw that I have ESL certification as well. Get many certifications, you never know what will happen! Thank you SchoolSpring!!"
Barbara B. in San Antonio, TX

"Thank you, thank you, thank you SchoolSpring. I was about to lose hope on not finding a teaching job but then I came across your website. I applied immediately and that same night I received an email to go in for an interview the next day. I am so excited to be starting school year as a teacher. I would not have gotten a job if it wasn't for your website."
Simone B. in San Antonio, TX

"Posted resume with SchoolSpring. [My new employer] read my resume and called me. It's a wonderful place to work."
Linda B. in Hamilton, TX

"After years of updates from SchoolSpring, in two different states, they were able to get me the information needed for me to get me my new job. I am very excited to start this new job."
Rebecca T. in San Antonio, TX

"This service is great and I have recommended SchoolSpring to all my teacher friends and alternative certification professors. Thank you."
Sherry P. in Killeen, TX

"Thank you SchoolSpring for all of your hard work in helping me stay active in my search of employment."
Syuna H. in San Antonio, TX

"Finally found a job! I cannot tell you how much you have helped with my search and getting better with interviews. You are the BEST!"
Laura P. in San Antonio, TX

"I have decided to leave school administration and return to the classroom. Thank you for your help."
Mary R. in Lampasas, TX

"This site is great. It helped me find charter schools and other avenues for teaching jobs. The job I found was through this site, but I had to apply externally."
Jennifer H. in Kyle, TX

"Thank you for helping me find a job."
Lori L. in Lorena, TX

"I had a very positive experience using SchoolSpring for my job search this summer. Applying for jobs in Massachusetts while living in Texas, it was wonderful to have a central location where I could apply to many jobs and see postings immediately. I was hired for a dream position that I most likely would not have found without SchoolSpring."
Heather A. in Dallas, TX

"I was notified by SchoolSpring that [my new employer] was hiring. I responded and was hired. Simple as that. Thank You."
Judy M. in Dallas, TX

"Thank you for posting all open positions. This is a very competitive period in education due to budget cuts in Texas. I'm very appreciative of SchoolSpring!"
Vanessa D. in Cleburne, TX

"I applied for a teaching positon on SchoolSpring.com's website on December 09, 2012 and was called for an interview on December 11, 2012. On January 4, 2013, I was offered the job I was seeking. I am very satisfied with the whole process of SchoolSpring.com's job search capabilities. Thanks so much for your service to educators like me."
Rozi P. in San Antonio, TX

"SchoolSpring was highly instrumental in obtaining my current job. I found the service easy-to-use and greatly effective in my search for employment. It is a terrific service. Now I am using SchoolSpring [as an employer] to search for an applicant for another position in our department. It is as easy to use as an administrator too! Remembering the old days of "paper applications," it is wonderful to be able to utilize technology to speed up the process of applying for a job, both for the applicant and the employer. Kudos to SchoolSpring for all that you have done."
Barbara H. in Robinson, TX

"Used SchoolSpring as a job search agent. It has been the best one that I have found so far. It has led me to my first teaching job and I will use this site again if I ever need it!"
Esther W. in Waco, TX

"Your website was very helpful and the people behind the scene quick to alert and keep me updated. I have told my friends about you and will continue to spread the word. Many thanks."
Irene M. in San Antonio, TX

"After trying for a year I finally got a great job teaching 7th grade Texas History! I could not have done it without SchoolSpring.com Thanks."
Berta H. in Brackettville, TX

"This website was helpful and kept my hopes up to find a position. In the end, I found a job at a local district when a teacher changed her mind one week before school started. However, I recommended this site to other teachers looking. It kept me buoyed as I continued to search by showing that districts were still looking."
Alisha I. in Leakey, TX

"SchoolSpring is a vey helpful tool. Thank you."
Nancigail A. in Atascosa, TX

"The e-mail notices for job openings are a great resource. I was able to research open positions and make applications in a timely manner. I found just the right job!"
Cynthia C. in Corsicana, TX

"SchoolSpring made the application process so easy! Thank you for helping me find my new position!"
Carol H. in Denton, TX

"This website helped me find a great job! Thank you!"
Jennifer F. in San Antonio, TX

"SchoolSpring is an excellent site to find your new teaching job. I used SchoolSpring Plus and was contacted by several principals by directly sending my application to them. I love the email alerts. This was awesome as it updated new schools needing teachers daily! I eventually found my job by applying to the school district that I am at. People who are looking for teaching careers should use this site :) Thanks SchoolSpring :)"
Stephanie K. in El Paso, TX

"I love this website, it helped me to find a teaching position in Houston, Texas as a 1st-3rd grade teacher."
Charity S. in Marshall, TX

"SchoolSpring was a godsend that made this sometimes excruciating process of job hunting just a little bit easier. I can't imagine having to individually submit each of those applications, and I appreciate the streamlined search engine. Thank you so much."
Heather S. in Austin, TX

"SchoolSpring is a very thorough job search. I was able to pinpoint jobs in my area and applied to those. Thanks for being there for teachers."
Donna N. in Spring Branch, TX

"Nice, user-friendly, effective."
Terence B. in Sherman, TX

"This was the most useful search engine for teaching positions that I found. I spent an entire month using other search systems with no luck. I signed up with SchoolSpring, and within 2 weeks, I had a job. Thank you!"
Christine L. in Round Rock, TX

"Your daily updates made me aware of the openings that I got interviewed for, districts that wanted to interview me, and the one that finally hired me. Thank you so much for this website! It was so helpful!"
Sarah M. in Huntsville, TX

"The job alerts helped me focus on finding a job."
Lisa C. in Hewitt, TX

"This service has been very helpful. Good information."
Theresa L. in Lewisville, TX

"It was great. SchoolSpring was a big help. It was easy and simple to use. Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Timothy N. in Blooming Grove, TX

"SchoolSpring was a great site!!!! Although, I didn't get my current position from the site, SchoolSpring was instrumental in finding several possible positions. It took the stress away of finding a position in another state. Thank you SchoolSpring!!!!"
RoxAnne J. in Seguin, TX

"For years I have dreamt of teaching in beautiful Colorado, and SchoolSpring helped me achieve my dream! The updates were extremely helpful and because of your extensive school searches and employers that use your site as well, I am fulfilling a true aspiration! Thank you!!!"
Amber B. in San Antonio, TX

"I am very excited about my new position! Thank you so much for the ease of applying and interviewing for this position."
Tonya R. in Trinidad, TX

"I have 22 years of experience. There were times I wanted to give up trying to get rehired in Texas but I searched on SchoolSpring and never gave up. This website was very helpful. Thanks, SchoolSpring."
Melissa N. in Alvin, TX

"The whole job application process along with the interview process was very simplified. I went into looking for a job with great dread because I knew that just filling out the application would probably take more time than I had available. However, I found that everything was very quick and painless with SchoolSpring! Thank you so much for making this dreaded process so simple for me...and I am very excited about my new position!!!!!"
Tonya R. in Trinidad, TX

"I've been quite impressed with this site, particular when I found out about a job on my own campus through SchoolSpring before hearing it through word-of-mouth. Now I'm a school counselor!"
Beth H. in Valley Mills, TX

"I love this site. It gave me encouragement when jobs seem to be disappearing."
Henry M. in El Paso, TX

"I did not get my job through SchoolSpring, but I did enjoy the daily job alerts and the format for applying. If I am ever a job seeker in the future I would definitely use SchoolSpring again. Awesome job SchoolSpring!"
Sharon N. in Fort Worth, TX

"My new employer hired me to substitute teach in their night school for testing. I am excited to have this part-time opportunity which allows me to keep my full-time day job while assisting a school with their substitute teacher needs. Thanks to SchoolSpring I can finally place my foot in the door of public education."
Susan E. in Bastrop, TX

"The application went through quickly and I love my new job!"
Phyllis B. in Waco, TX

"Thank you for all of your help. It was greatly appreciated."
Hellen B. in Austin, TX

"Thank you for posting the jobs. I wouldn't know where the jobs are without your help. Thank you."
Jamtsho J. in Austin, TX

"Thank you, SchoolSpring. If it had not been for your devotion to helping others find employment, I would have never known [my new employer] exists. I would have missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime to do what I love with others who feel as passionately about education as I do."
Deaun M. in Fort Worth, TX

"This is a wonderful website that really puts all the schools together in one location. I found my new job using SchoolSpring and have told others about it as well. More schools need to link here to help them and employees find jobs easier. Thanks again!"
Carla K. in Bangs, TX

"I am so happy this website is here. I was lucky to be contacted by [my new employer] and I have been here now 2 weeks and enjoy it so much. This is a great website - it is quick access to our information as an employer and employee."
Chantell W. in San Antonio, TX

"I found a great teaching job in Tucson as an Elementary Spanish teacher. I am happy that I had my application and resume with SchoolSpring."
Erlinda M. in El Paso, TX

"Although I ultimately found a job elsewhere, this site was very helpful to my hunt."
Lauren D. in Granbury, TX

"SchoolSpring was instrumental in helping me find employment as a teacher. SchoolSpring was the most thorough and updated resource for school employment listings."
John L. in Arlington, TX

"I applied through SchoolSpring, was called the next day, and was hired on the spot."
Susan C. in Corsicana, TX

"SchoolSpring helped me find a job ... couldn't be happier!"
Tucker B. in Lubbock, TX

"Found my new job through SchoolSpring. Thanks for the connections and the help."
Lucinda P. in Wimberley, TX

"I submitted an application through SchoolSpring.com and was contacted for an interview. After my second interview I was offered a position. Thank you SchoolSpring, I would not have known of so many listings without the aide of this website!"
Stephanie P. in Keller, TX

"I will be working for Colorado ISD as a Special Education Teacher. Thank you SchoolSpring.com for your efforts."
Nancy A. in Fort Stockton, TX

"Great resource. I found my job outside or SchoolSpring, but it was a wonderful tool."
Gerri B. in Abilene, TX

"I found my new job through SchoolSpring! I had been searching for jobs in Texas. We decided that we would relocate, and I immediately changed my search agent settings. I kept reading my job alert emails, and one day an opening popped up. Now I have my dream job in Colorado, too! I'm so glad that I kept checking those job alerts."
Rebecca W. in Carrollton, TX

"Accepted a job offer, thank you so much for putting my information out there."
Aurora C. in Dallas, TX

"I am so excited to have this new teaching position. Thank you for the many leads."
Norma R. in Keller, TX

"Have been employed by Munday ISD in Texas to teach World Geography and World History!"
James G. in Temple, TX

"Thank you very much for this opportunity, this is my first "real" job. SchoolSpring ROCKS. "
Leandre K. in Hewitt, TX

"SchoolSpring has been a good experience. I now have a job."
Karen J. in Little River-Academy, TX

"Found a job on SchoolSpring - thanks!"
Jill S. in Austin, TX

"I found my new job through your website! I will now be teaching starting this fall. I would not have found this job without your website. Thanks so much!!"
Ralph Deffendall in Corpus Christi, TX