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"SchoolSpring is a great resource in finding a job you want, Thank you SchoolSpring for keeping me informed!"
Ava G. in Colorado Springs, CO

"Love your site! This was the easiest way I have ever looked for a education job!"
Lorna S. in Colorado Springs, CO

"What a great way to search for a teaching job! Once everything is turned in, you can just write your application letters, send them, and potential employers can access all pertinent docs. It took awhile, but we are on our way cross country from Colorado to start my new job in Massachusetts!"
Lorna S. in Colorado Springs, CO

"SchoolSpring has really been a blessing! I heard about SchoolSpring and tried it out and in a matter of days I was notified about a job. I applied and got the job! Thank you staff at SchoolSpring."
Aaron C. in Colorado Springs, CO

"SchoolSpring was my "go to" resource for job openings. Every job interview I got was thanks to SchoolSpring, even though I could not find a job in the Philadelphia and had to move to Colorado to get a full-time, permanent position."
Lynne S. in Carbondale, CO

"Moving from one state to other is very stressful, especially when we talk about finding a new job. Through SchoolSpring I received emails when a position I was interested in was available. The employers could see my profile and often I was contacted by them to talk about my qualifications. Some of them even asked me to apply for positions they had available. I was hired before I even arrived to Colorado. I am very excited about my new job!"
Alice M. in Colorado

"This format is effective, easy to follow and got me a job within one week! Thank you!"
Linda E. in Colorado Springs, CO

"The school district in which I was hired required applications be submitted through SchoolSpring. The process was easy once the site is navigated."
George A. in Colorado Springs, CO

"Thank you for your assistance! I appreciate all the updates and love how I could import my application for multiple jobs so I didn't have to constantly resubmit documents on file."
Melissa A. in Del Norte, CO

"This website was absolutely user friendly and wonderful!"
Rick S. in Dolores, CO

"Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Patti H. in Larkspur, CO

"Very helpful!"
Kevin M. in Denver, CO

"As far as the convenience of looking for public teaching work in Vermont, it was the simplest job search process I have ever encountered seeing as all the districts were conveniently using this same website."
William W. in Aurora, CO

"I interviewed on Monday August 8th, got offered the job on August 9th and started August 10th. It was very short notice, but the school is a great place to work and the students are amazing and I am very happy with the results."
George H. in Greeley, CO

"I did not find the job I took through SchoolSpring, but I did find the greatest number of positions here. I will definitely continue to look here for future jobs."
Dainean N. in Aspen, CO

"I LOVE SchoolSpring and the automatic link to EdZapp. It was a simple matter for me to receive the SchoolSpring job alert email (often several each week), scrutinize the posting, tweak a cover letter, and send in my application within a very short period of time. I will recommend SchoolSpring to any teacher seeking employment. Thanks!"
Karen S. in Colorado

"I was offered a position at the school where I was working as a paraprofessional. The position may not be funded next year so I'm lucky to have SchoolSpring to help look for positions for the upcoming school year!"
Holly L. in Centennial, CO

"Found this job without SchoolSpring, but still love your service!!! It gave me lots of ideas on who was hiring, and where I might find THE teaching job."
Bridget B. in Northglenn, CO

"Thank You SchoolSpring for my wonderful new job! I found the posting through your website and was able to quickly send off my information! I also wanted to say that SchoolSpring is the BEST website to find teaching positions and it's FREE! I appreciate having such easy, accommodating access, and up to date job postings! "
Kelly P. in Denver, CO

"I just wanted to thank you for the great website. I was able to find a wonderful position as a counselor last fall with your help. I can't tell you how much time I save by going to one place to find so many opportunities for employment. I moved from Michigan to Colorado to get the job and I've enjoyed every day in the Rockies."
Bob C. in Colorado

"I found the perfect job for me and it was really easy since I configured SchoolSpring to contact me, via e-mail, with jobs that fit my likeness. Thank you!"
Sarah M. in Nederland, CO

"I found this job via SchoolSpring. Thank you!"
Lynne S. in Carbondale, CO

"Thank you for making this such a smooth process."
Julie M. in Boulder, CO