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"Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me find my dream job."
Kristen C. in Hudson Falls, NY

"I was contacted by the school only a few hours after I sent my cover letter and application information to the principal of the school. Within a week, I was hired as a French and German teacher for full-time employment."
Scott T. in Peru, NY

"I found my new job on SchoolSpring.com! What an amazing resource for job listings. I am so glad I found this site. It was especially helpful because I was applying from out of state."
Bree L. in Bellerose, NY

"SchoolSpring was an excellent medium for making connections with employers. It was very user-friendly and made the job search as quick and painless as possible!"
Corrinne K. in Syracuse, NY

"I found this wonderful job on this website. SchoolSpring was fantastic in finding me a job!"
Kaeli R. in Buffalo, NY

"Your site made it so much easier to job search across country for education jobs. I landed my dream job! Thanks so much!"
Rebecca M. in Buffalo, NY

"I was hired by a charter school that did not use SchoolSpring, although this website was very helpful and I will use it again in any future job searches."
Douglas T. in Rochester, NY

"You're very up to date with information. I am always hopeful to go to SchoolSpring. I know that whatever position that is available and need to be posted, they will have it there."
Yolette M. in New York, NY

"SchoolSpring made applying for and obtaining this job very easy. I was hired within one month of applying!"
Christopher R. in East Hampton, NY

"Thank you very much! This site was extremely useful for helping me find a job and I am very grateful for the services you provide."
Tyler C. in West Chazy, NY

"I had only been a member of SchoolSpring a couple of weeks before I got a phone interview. It was effective and things happened very quickly from there."
Justin R. in West Seneca, NY

"I love SchoolSpring! I received numerous job offers and interviews just coming out of college. I just accepted my first job as a Math teacher which was always my dream. Thank you SchoolSpring for being so easy to use and helpful!"
Lauren P. in Newburgh, NY

"I found a great school in the region I wanted. Thanks for your help!"
Jason G. in Albany, NY

"I like this site a lot. It is easy to use and search jobs on. Best website I have found by far."
Aaron K. in Cooperstown, NY

"Thanks SchoolSpring.com for such a user-friendly, effective site! After a few interviews, I have been hired to teach K-8 students Physical Education and Health. I have tried a few different online sites for teachers, but this one has been my favorite and I'd recommend it for any of my friends in education looking for employment. I like everything about this website, including the weekly email of jobs I may be interested in. "
Patricia D. in Walden, NY

"I have been using SchoolSpring for the past 2 years looking for the right match for a job and location to move my family to. This site was always easy to use, the Sunday updates always kept me current with new possibilities, and I am moving this summer across country to a wonderful school because of SchoolSpring. "
Joseph C. in New York, NY

"I decided after struggling to find a Guidance Counselor position in the US for the last 3 years to search overseas. I found a job in Saudi Arabia and it is a perfect fit. I will continue to use SchoolSpring as I feel it is an awesome site. Many thanks..."
Matthew F. in Tarrytown, NY

"Thank you SchoolSpring! After months of searching, I finally found a teaching position at an elementary school in North Carolina. I am excited to be teaching in a new state. Your website provides so many wonderful services, and it was easy to apply to schools I was interested in. I can't thank you enough!"
Thomas L. in Maybrook, NY

"This is a wonderful organization. I am grateful that SchoolSpring allowed me to connect with them. My SchoolSpring experience was great!"
Tiffany R. in Cambria Heights, NY

"I did not find this through SchoolSpring, though the site was helpful in my search."
Whitney B. in Latham, NY

"SchoolSpring was wonderful. All interviews that I had scheduled were a result of applications on SchoolSpring. Thanks!"
Christina C. in Pleasant Valley, NY

"Applied here online, through SchoolSpring for the first time. Went for interview and got hired. Thank You for your services."
Sheila B. in Whitehall, NY

"I just signed up on SchoolSpring not too long ago and I found a job!!! SchoolSpring is a great online resource to find a teaching job. I am not from the state I got hired in and it allowed me to apply to jobs near my home that were just across the border. I couldn't be happier!!! Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Heather O. in Hudson Falls, NY

"As a result of my job search, I came to realize the advantages of keeping my position. I received a plethora of interview requests [through SchoolSpring] and strengthened my teaching practice by going through the process. By actively searching for a new job, I was able to feel the pulse of education in America today. I will definitely stay on the site, and will use SchoolSpring again when I take another stab at transition. "
Denice C. in Bedford, NY

"Thank you SchoolSpring, for making my move from New York to Rhode Island so much easier! I wish every profession had a site like this (it would make my husband's job that much easier!) I found the perfect position for myself. Thanks!"
T.B. in Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you for helping me with your great search agent engine, this is a wonderful opportunity for me!"
Anthony C. in Oceanside, NY

"I just love the site that you have created, it is easy to use and makes applying for a position quite easy. This is a wonderful format for school districts as well as applicants. I also found that the few times that I had questions, you were quick to respond and were very helpful."
Melinda R. in Horseheads, NY

"Thanks to SchoolSpring, I was hired as an educator for the Roca program in Chelsea, MA. I couldn't be happier. Thank you!"
Quinn E. in Oswego, NY

"I found a position as a Math Interventionist Teacher in Arizona. I love living here. Thank you SchoolSpring."
Myron D. in Canton, NY

"I found [my new] job via SchoolSpring.com, which I likely would not have found any other way. I'm FINALLY in a job that I really like and want to do with good people surrounding me!!"
John P. in Glens Falls, NY

"I appreciated the ease of use of SchoolSpring, but ultimately found a job elsewhere."
Alexandra P. in Katonah, NY

"Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me find my dream job in Vermont! I'm so excited about being a Title I School Wide Reading/Math Teacher in such a great school community! SchoolSpring totally works, so don't ever give up!"
Becky R. in Putnam Station, NY

"After an interview filled summer with many interviews and rejections, I finally landed my dream job as a 7th grade math teacher. Who do I have to thank for telling me about the job? SchoolSpring!"
Mike D. in Valhalla, NY

"SchoolSpring was very helpful. Always got updates!"
Kaitlin T. in New York

"I had applied to many positions through many other websites. This one worked! Thank you so much!"
Susan C. in Shirley, NY

"I was able to find a job with Alexandria City Public School District in Virginia and I am very excited to be starting there!"
Trevor B. in Rensselaer, NY

"SchoolSpring has been a great resource in finding a job in education!"
Lizet M. in Bayport, NY

"I thought my job search was going to take a while, but SchoolSpring made it VERY easy! Thanks!"
Rhonda B. in Peru, NY

"Thank you! After applying I was contacted the very next day and had an interview by the end of the week and now the job is mine! Thanks again!"
Lizabeth C. in Mount Kisco, NY

"SchoolSpring made finding my new job possible and easy. Thank you."
Bethany C. in Peru, NY

"Thank you for all of your help. Your weekly listings were absolutely helpful!"
Emily P. in Potsdam, NY

"SchoolSpring notified me of many job openings relevant to my field. If I am ever in need of a teaching job again in the future, I will be sure to use this site!"
Carolyn S. in Centereach, NY

"I had never heard of Tuxedo Park School until receiving a job posting for it through SchoolSpring. Thank you for informing me about a great place to work!"
Christine K. in Hamilton , NY

"Each morning began reading the waiting email from SchoolSpring informing me of the most current jobs openings. My response to interesting, potential positions could be accomplished with little wasted time. I knew my submitted materials would be presented in a professional manner to employers seeking my service."
David M. in Lake Placid, NY

"Thank you for all your help. Your daily job updates and easy-to-apply format made it as simple as possible to apply to multiple jobs and stay abreast of the job market. I have recommended your site to others and will continue to do so."
Laurie P. in Freehold,, NY

"I applied for the position on SchoolSpring. The principal contacted me. We did a Skype interview. I went to the school to personally meet with him and a committee. I was offered a second grade position and gladly accepted."
Marie W. in Brooklyn, NY

"Fantastic service - make sure YOU USE IT!!"
Samuel H. in Astoria, NY

"I found my new job here!! Thanks!"
Amanda D. in Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you so much for all your help... this resource is especially helpful for teachers looking for out-of-state jobs!"
Theresa L. in Brookhaven, NY

"SchoolSpring works! Use it! Good luck :)"
Joseph C. in Bayville, NY

"I have used SchoolSpring to apply to several schools. I have interviewed with many, and had to choose from three job offers. Great site...easy to use, and a terrific way to find good jobs."
Kristin H. in Morrisonville, NY

"This site was great! Thank you, you made it so easy to apply for jobs in a tough market!"
Sarah G. in Slingerlands, NY

"I was looking for work in upstate NY, and finally found a good placement. I wish more New York State employers used SchoolSpring. If I'd decided to move to VT, I would have found work months ago."
Margret F. in Plattsburgh, NY

"SchoolSpring has made the application process hassle-free, performing a lot of vital searches and constant updates, as well as providing a single, organized location for all of my information. It even helped me to be more organized in my use of other websites, or in applying to jobs outside of SchoolSpring. Within just a few months, I secured an ideal job for the following year through SchoolSpring! Thank you for the effort that goes into your site!"
Samuel O. in Albany, NY

"This website is the best search engine for school teachers. Although I did not find my job through this site, it gave me options that I would have never been able to find on my own."
Jennifer B. in Levittown, NY

"I was alerted of the position through SchoolSpring and sent my application. I will be teaching seventh grade social studies in just a few weeks. "
Ashley N. in Saratoga Springs, NY

"Excellent web site. Very intuitive and easy to use. I am very happy with my new job. Thank you!"
Vincent H. in Port Jefferson Station, NY

"THANK YOU so much for everything! I am finally under contract with a school, thanks to months of searching for jobs through your website. You made looking for work SO easy and efficient. I absolutely do not know what I would have done without SchoolSpring. You have helped me achieve a major life goal of moving to VT, thanks to the job I landed!"
Gillian T. in Brooklyn, NY

"I found the posting for my now current position on Schoolspring.com, filled out the application and waited. I was ecstatic when I received a call for an interview and then soon found out I got the job! I'm so glad I did my hunt on SchoolSpring.com. The process of filling out everything here helped prepare me for my interview and review all my work. I used this site as supplemental to state websites for teacher position postings and found it a winning combination!"
Itza M. in White Plains, NY

"I received a job alert from SchoolSpring for Director of Buildings and Grounds for Bellingham School District. Well, about a week later I got the call for an interview. About 2 hours [after the interview] they called to offer me the position. I'm going on my 3rd week working there and I love it."
James T. in Bloomingburg, NY

"Wow-I could not be happier with the way that SchoolSpring facilitated the process of looking for work in a new state. I do not know what I would have done without SchoolSpring! Bravo to offering such an efficient and effective means to bringing the right people together. Thanks for the AWESOME service you provided me along the way! Cheers SchoolSpring!"
Gillian T. in Brooklyn, NY

"Fantastic! I got notice of the job in my email. Applied, had an interview a few weeks later. Got a FABULOUS job offer right out of school! I am so so excited for next year! SchoolSpring worked for me! Thank you for making this so easy for me to find a job! "
Erica F. in Albany, NY

"Thank you for all of your help. I found your networking and utilities helpful to my job search. I will definitely use this site again and recommend it to all of my friends."
Kyle G. in New York, NY

"Thank you so much. This is an unbelievable system. It is the only one where the job agent works so well, truly targeting areas of interest. I love how easy it is to search your database, and how efficiently your notification system works, and how easy it is to click on a link in the email to get to the job listing itself. Your website is a tremendous resource. "
Manya B. in Hartsdale, NY

"SchoolSpring definitely helped me find a job. It was helpful to have the reminders for openings because it's difficult to constantly check when you're already busy doing so much to land a job. I got my job from a SchoolSpring posting, and it was the easiest process I've been through yet."
Megan C. in Dansville, NY

"Thank you for your excellent job network services."
Robert L. in New York, NY