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"I missed out last year on an opportunity for a school job because I was on a bad search/notification system. I signed up on here in August and a week later a notification came to me about the schools in the town I live in, my dream job! I interviewed, accepted, and started yesterday!!!!! Thank you a billion!!!"
Mandy K. in Mankato, MN

"The day AFTER I applied, my university sent out an announcement stating that BCHS was looking for a new Reading and Language Arts teacher, but by then I had already scheduled an interview with the principal. I had the edge because I heard about the job on SchoolSpring first!"
Rhonda J. in Minnesota

"SchoolSpring has been an incredibly valuable resource in helping me find a job. I have used other websites, both in the US and abroad, and this has been the most efficient, useful tool I've found. I have already recommended this web site to several other friends and will continue to do so. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Karla P. in Saint Paul, MN

"SchoolSpring was an outstanding resource for my job searching. I thank you for all the great leads."
Patrick A. in Shakopee, MN